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Devriendt Farm Stand & Nursery  1/15/2020

Hello to you all!  Hope you had a great holiday season and are thinking about spring!!  If you are checking the website then you definitely are thinking about the upcoming growing season.  While the weather has been crazy and can't seem to decide what season or month it is, we are getting ready to fire up a greenhouse and start planting.  And yes, we really do start this early.  It all has to do with how much sun and hours of daylight we receive this early in the season and there are only so many hours of daylight this time of year.  Things grow much faster once the days start getting longer and warmer.  But we start of the season with the cold weather plants, the perennials, pansies and hanging baskets.  We need to start some of the hanging baskets this early so that they are big, beautiful and flowering nicely by Mothers Day!   So if you see smoke coming from the furnaces, its means they're heating up the greenhouses keeping all the plants warm til its time to put them outside.  Hoping for a nice spring and the rainy weather is gone and the days have warmed up.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or shoot us an email and we'll try to help you out any way we can!  We'll start teasing you with photos of new additions to the plant line up on Facebook when we get closer to the opening day of the season.  See you in the spring!

Please call for 497-2793 more information.  Get here early for your trees, we sell out fast!

ICE CREAM STAND is closed for the season.  Thank you to our loyal patrons and we'll see you in the spring!

PYO STRAWBERRIES is CLOSED for the season.  Thank you to all who came up to pick this year, was a much better season that last year!!.  

PYO PUMPKINS-- is CLOSED for the season!!  Thanks to all who came up to get pumpkins, we appreciate your continued support of our family farm!!  See you next spring for strawberries!

We would like to thank you all for your continued patronage and support to our family farm.  As always, if you need more information, please call us at 603-497-2793 or email us at