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Devriendt Farm Products

We grow everything during the Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons

My Favorite Places

Below are some of our favorite places to visit in person or on line. Best to do as much business as possi​ble in your local area as it affords the opportunity to support local merchants and service providers. These are often a small business and many support our/your sports teams and local events. This all helps keep the local community vibrant and healthy.

Dan & Lea

UNH Coop Extension --This is the local University Cooperative Extension service. They can help you with just about anything pertaining to your garden!

Blake's Creamery and Restaurant--Manchester, NH

Grant Family Farms--Weare, NH

Goffstown Historical Society--Goffstown, NH to see what Goffstown was like in the "old days".

McDougall Farm--Goffstown, NH

NH Plant Growers Association (proud member)

NH Made (proud member)